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About this site.

This web site has been designed to be user friendly and accessible for everyone. This means that the site should still work if you have  javascript, CSS and images turned off.  All text should be resizable and you should be able to use the keyboard as well as the mouse to navigate the site. Text reading software is able to skip the navigation and go straight to the main content.

Hopefully, jargon has been kept at an acceptable level and the pages should load at a reasonable speed on a slow connection.


Do you need help in making the web easier to use? This site, BBC My Web My Way, explains the many ways you can make the web more accessible. It is a very useful Web site that shows not only how to change your hardware and software settings but has links to further resources.

Would you find a directory of accessible web sites useful? If so, add the next link to your favorites.  net-guide.

“Whilst many search engines are easy to use for people with visual impairments, mobility issues, learning difficulties and other issues that impact on website useage, this is not necessarily true of the sites returned in the results. It is estimated that as many as 86% of websites present barriers to some or all of these user groups”.

The above quote is from the “about net-guide” page on the net-guide site.