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This page contains links to Work Group photo albums over the last few years up to the end of 2017. The albums detail the type of work that the volunteers carry out and the conditions that they work in. The earlier ones may not be in any specific order.


Last Album for 2017- Clearing Woodland Pathways and, a bit of historical work,
the pathways being built by the former BTCV, The Conservation Volunteers.

Completed Tasks -
Wistaston Winter Wonderland
Emergency Tree Clearance
27th November
13th & 20th November 2017
Woodland Management - September, October and the end result
Clearing Wistaston Green Road Car Park.
Removing Himalayan Balsam

2017 Projects - includes clearing and preparing ground to create a growing-on area for saplings and planting the saplings; the after effects of Storm Doris; Tree Planting, Boardwalk Repairs and Pathway Maintenance. It shows how hard the voulnteers work in order for Wistonians and visitors to enjoy the area, safely.

Woodland Management includes mending fences, hedge laying and removing Himalayan Balsam.

Kissing Gates shows the work group replacing two gates in the village.

Historical work is a page that shows some of the big jobs that have been undertaken in the past.


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