A variety of tasks were undertaken this week including path clearing & edging and putting up nest boxes. What was an enormous clump of brambles is certainly looking more like a wildflower garden now.
20190408 01  Marsh Marigolds on JTS pond. 20190408 02  Path-edging using locally-sourced timber. 20190408 03  Nettles are good for wildlife but you don't need them everywhere! 20190408 04  This was cut back in the Autumn to encourage new growth. It worked.
20190408 05  Remember that patch of brambles? 20190408 06  The drainage ditches cleared earlier are working well. 20190408 07  Clearing the clearing. Heavy work. 20190408 08  One of the nest boxes made by the local scouts.
20190408 09  Clearing the clearing. Heavy work.